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and one day we'd see the world for what it really was

and who we really were

team antihero
1 November
❝her morning elegance she wears❞
i'm slighly hopeless, an underachiever at best, loves to play the piano, hates practicing for piano competitions, is scared of confrontations, catches every cold that comes around, adores history, especially Eastern European history, loves writing, is constantly harassed by plot bunnies, euro-asian, trying to write a book, speaks at least two languages, terrible at role playing but still trying, goes to public school, slightly anti-social but is regarded as 'friendly' by most, math nerd, english nerd, read war and peace and liked it, still likes Britney S., and embarrassment and black sheep to family. but i'm a good person, i promise.


a n d     n o b o d y     k n o w s
america, anarcho-communism, anberlin, anime, anti-test, anti-twilight, archie, art, avatar: the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, bad sex trio, baltic states, band of brothers, being a douchebag, books, browsing the internet, cartography, cccp, charles, chronicles of narnia, conquering, country music, crack pairings, cute things, cynicism, denmarkxnorway, disney, disney princesses, england, english, europe, family guy, fanart, fanfiction, fiction, firefly, flashbacks, for the alliance!, france, french, french films, ftw, gay countries, geography, germany, germany/italy, going barefoot, good fanart and fanfiction, great and terrible beauty, hannibal, harry potter, hetalia, heterosexual life partners, hikkikomori, history, hitchhiker's guide, hopeless romantics, hut 33, i'm quite heterosexual, impossibly hard flash games, intelligent arguments, internet, krakow, lady cascas and beyonsam, literature, lithuania is not africa, lithuanian-polish commonwealth, lord of the rings, magic, manga, maps, mindless self indulgence, minka/gordon, money, more history, motherfucking commonwealth, much older men, mythology, naruto, neil gaiman, panic disorder, panic! at the disco, philosophical conversations, philosophy, plushenko's suggestive ice skating, poetry, poland, polish history, polish-lithuanian commonwealth, postcards, procrastinating, prussia, prussia/austria, rain, rainbows, rambling, read, reading, revolutionary war, roleplaying, rorito, russia, sarcasm, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scarves, series of unfortunate events, sexy accents, simple plan, snow, social phobia, soviet union, sparkly fuckin' vampires, sparkly men in tights, spirited away, stars, stephen colbert/america, sunflowers, super-fucking-natural, swords, taking long showers, tea, tearjerkers, terrible puns, that's what she said, the big bang theory, the classics, the misadventures of flapjack, the motherfucking commonwealth, the nameless monster, the outsiders, the princess bride, the producers, tim burton, travelling, tsundere, urban fantasy, ussr, vodka and cranberry juice, warsaw is your capital, wicked, write, writing, writing fanfiction, yandere, your mom, yu-gi-oh: the abridged series, zombies,